The Thinking Practitioner

12: The Cytokine Storm of COVID-19

April 22, 2020

Coronavirus symptoms range from mild to fatal. Though still mysterious, in many patients it seems to be the patient’s own inflammatory reactions that tip the scale. Til and Whitney explain this, and talk about the implications for massage and manual therapy. 

In this episode, 

  • What is the deal about COVID-19 and cytokine storms? 
  • What is a cytokine, and why do I care? 
  • As massage therapists and bodyworkers, where does this leave us? 

Join two of the leading educators in manual therapy, bodywork, and massage therapy, as they delve into the most intriguing issues, questions, research, and client conditions that hands-on practitioners face. Stimulate your thinking with imaginative conversations, tips, and interviews related to the somatic arts and sciences. With Whitney Lowe and Til Luchau. 

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