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47: Getting Over Over-Pronation (Ankle & Foot Function)

September 8, 2021

In celebration of Til's upcoming "Leg Knee & Foot" online course, he and Whitney geek out on conditions, anatomy, function, and biomechanics of the ankle and foot.

Topics include: 

  • How the structure of the foot/ankle complex determines function
  • Are we over over-pronation yet? 
  • Plantar fasciitis/fasciosis, bunions, hammertoes, and other things you wouldn’t have thought of as ankle issues.

Episode Outline:

  • Structure of the foot/ankle complex

    • Medial side deltoid ligament complex
    • Lateral side ATF, CF, PTF
    • How does structure govern function
    • Distal tibiofibular joint & talocrural joint form mortise & tenon
    • Primary supporting ligaments
  • Mechanics of the region:

    • Talocrural motions: dorsiflexion & plantarflexion
    • Type I and type II limitations
    • Subtalar motions: inversion & eversion
    • Pronation and supination (definitions and confusion)
    • Phases of gait
  • Some common issues/problems

    • Valgus and varus angulations (toes and calcaneal region)
    • “Overpronation”
    • Bunions & hammertoes
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Tendon overuse (Achilles tendon etc.)
    • Trauma: sprains breaks
    • Nerve entrapments mimicking soft-tissue pathology (i.e. tarsal tunnel syndrome, Baxter’s neuropathy, etc.)

Resources and references discussed in this episode:

Podcast anatomy image from Advanced Myofascial Techniques, Volume 1. Used under license from Primal Pictures.

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